Open letter to the 15th Lok Sabha

February 7, 2014

Respected Madam speaker and esteemed members of the Lok Sabha,

We the Citizens of India accepted the argument put forth by our elected representatives that protesting inside the Parliament and Assembly premises and not allowing the function of the Lok Sabha, the Rajya Sabha and the State Assemblies, is also a form of expressing dissatisfaction against the executive’s functioning. But, seeing our legislators resorting to such tactics to sabotage the passage of the Telangana demerger bill has shamed the people of Telangana and India and we cannot remain silent any longer. It is not everyday that a common citizen is forced to write to his/her representatives and law makers reminding them of their oath of office. I am saddened at being forced to write to my MP’s of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, asking them to be true to the Constitution of India, and allow both the houses of Parliament to function as required by law, and successfully clear the passage of the Telangana bill.

The future of a tenth of India’s population namely the people of Telangana is in your hands, it is within your power to either deliver the long denied justice to the people of Telangana or fall prey to the machinations and moneybag persuasion of the Seemandhra mafia. After more than a half a century of strife and struggle, and the pain of losing thousands of our youth first to the bullets of Brahmanand Reddy Government and most recently to the callous disregard of Kiran Kumar Reddy, Chief of the Seemandhra mafia, Telangana is poised to see the dawn of freedom which was snatched by unconstitutional methods in 1956. None can deny that the people of Telangana have been systematically exploited and impoverished by successive Andhra Governments, innumerable committees and commissions have stated adnauseum that  Telangana has been denied justice.  leaders of all political parties in India, right from NTR, Deve Gowda PM of India, Rajiv Gandhi and also LK Advani, hve expressed similar views and promised to deliver justice to Telangana.   

Finally, today when you have the chance of setting right the injustices done to the people of Telangana, do not let it go in waste. Please rise above petty political one-upmanship and show to the world that we may differ on ideology and principles but when it comes to delivering justice and meeting the just demands of its Citizens we can and will rise above politics. The voices of dissent against this are very strident and very powerful, no less a person than the former Chief Minister of AP, who is today the  protoganist in chief of the Seema Andhra Mafia, is leading the charge against the hapless people of Telangana, and the only protection we have against this powerful oppressor is your conscience and the oath you have taken to uphold the constitution of India.

Where Telangana is concerned, the Constition of India has been violated each and every time, right from the unconstitutional and forcible merger of Hyderabad state with the Andhra state to the attempted rejection of the T bill in the AP Assembly on 30th January, 2014. The forcible merger Hyderabad state with the Andhra state was in violation of due constitutional procedures. The Constitutional process was neither followed then nor in the farce of an Assembly discussion now, Kiran Kumar Reddy and his henchmen in the Assembly have disgraced  Constitution and procedures laid down for conducting the business of the Assembly. The guerilla tactics employed by the Kiran Kumar Reddy in rejecting the T Reorganisation bill, reeks of a back street brawl and is a flagrant disregard of Consitutional processes. The Rules of Business clearly state that a resolution needs an advance notice of ten days, and cannot be moved with no prior notice to the members of the Assembly, this act of Kiran Kumar in which the Speaker was also hand in glove, is an insult to the people of Telangana and Andhra, in depriving our  representatives a chance of think over the resolution and be present to vote on the same, Kiran Kumar has insulted both the Constitution and people of India.

The sole voice of dissent against the passage of the Telangana bill, is the corrupt political and land mafia which has been bank rolling the anti Telangana lobby. I would like to bring to your notice, the reasons why people like Kiran Kumar Reddy, Chanda Babu Naidu, Jagan Mohan Reddy, Lagdapati and the kingpin of the anti Telangana lobby T Subbi Rami Reddy are against the formation of Telangana. Since he was elevated from the ranks of the inconspicuous MLA’s  to the post of Chief Minister of AP, Kiran Kumar Reddy has been on a money making spree, to give an example in Kiran Kumar Reddy within months of being made Chief Minister, though GO 293, approved the change in land use of 33 acres of land in Janwada village in Shankarapally mandal in Ranga Reddy district into residential use zone, against the advise of Experts, earlier GO’s and the Court oders. This Government Order was against GO 111 issued in March 1996 which clearly states that no developmental activity can take place in the catchment areas of the lake bed of Osmansagar and Himayatsagar water bodies, the main source of drinking water for the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. According to the grapewine in the political and real estate circles, Kiran Kumar Reddy issued the GO 293 at the behest of his close family. And today the Real Estate section in the newspapers of Hyderabad is flooded with advertisements for residential apartments and villas in Janwada. It is the fear of having his misdeeds being made public and reversal of such heinous decisions which have imperiled the existence of drinking water sources,  that is root cause of Kiran Kumar’s voice against Telangana.

The unholy nexus between Chandra Babu Naidu and the Chairman of the erstwhile Satyam Computer Services Ltd, Rama Linga Raju is known to all. Both Raju and Naidu have cornered huge tracts of land in the areas marked for expansion of GHMC limits. Not only that Naidu had during his tenure as the CM of AP, gifted large tracts of land for developing IT industry to his friends and cronies, most of which have been used for developing residential and commercial buildings. It is the fear of having these come to light and the benami lands he and his family have acquired along with his friend Ramalinga Raju, that is the prime motivator of Naidu’s opposition to Telangana state. Not only that, Naidu to promote his diary Unit Heritage, has undermined the performance of the APDDC diary units, so much so that almost all the top Management and technical posts in Heritage are  from the APDDC.

Now we come to Jagan Mohan Reddy, the less said about him the better. The cases against him and too long to be penned here.

Lagdapati like Rama Linga Raju and several others prospered under the politician and land mafia nexus of Naidu and later YSR, Jagan Mohan Reddy’s father. His company’s biggest project in Hyderabad Lanco Hills, is being built on Wakf land, it is the fear of having these illegal projects questioned and scrapped that is his fueling his opposition to Telangana.

T Subbi Rami Reddy,  made his fortune as a contractor for the construction of Nagarjuna Sagar. , He is the most influential and the prime mover and shaker, stage managing the Anti Telangana lobby from behind the curtains. Whether it is road construction, building Government offices, or providing Security to any small or large Government office or Exhibition, any and every work the Government of AP has allotted in the last 50 years, TSR’s Gayatri group a piece of the Government’s pie has gone into the coffers of TSR and Gayatri group.

So esteemed members of Parliament the fight for Telangana is between the hapless Telangana people and the land mafia and the Government contractor lobby which is opposed to releasing its death grip on the prey ie Telangana. Today we the people of Telangana bessech you listen to  your conscience and deliver to Telangana a state that was snactched from them. The people of Telangana ask just one thing of you, please set aside your differences for a day and release Telangana from half a century of oppression and exploitation. We the people of Telangana ask that you deliver us from this misery, for to leave the issue pending now is to prolong the agony of an already much abused and exploited people.

You are today at the cross roads of history and the decision you take today will either bring prosperity and plenty to Telangana or plunge it into the depths of gloom and despair, which will prove a fertile ground for anti national elements to prey upon. So listen to your conscience and the cry of 12 crore Indians and say along with us Jai Telangana, the 29th state of India.


Yours sincerely

Neera Kishore

Telangana Praja Samithi


Satisfaction, Happiness and Prosperity for all promises Chidambaram.. Article published in Hindi Milap on Jan 3, 2010

January 4, 2011

The Home Minister, P. Chidambaram, in his statement after accepting the Sri Krishna Commission Report today on the future of Telangana, stated the Central Government will work towards arriving at a solution that will bring satisfaction, happiness and prosperity to all. Reading between the lines, the Home Minster has in principle accepted the demand for Telangana state with Hyderabad as its capital and stated that his Government will set the process in motion for the creation of Telangana. For it is a fact that only in their own state will the 4.5 crore people of Telangana be satisfied, happy and hope for prosperity. Any other solution will leave the 4.5 crore people of Telangana, dejected and unhappy and sow the seeds of confrontation and rebellion in the psyche of an emotionally charged region.

The Central Government, has called for a meeting of all political parties in Andhra Pradesh, on January 6, 2011 to discuss the report and build consensus for the future course of action. Though this sounds laudable, history makes us skeptical of the outcome of this meeting. We all know what happened after the all party meet on January 5, 2010 in New Delhi last year. The TRS almost went into reverse gear, and would have laid low for the next 3 years and the General Elections in 2014, when it would have again raised the issue to garner seats. It was the unrelenting pressure of the student community and the common Telangana man and woman who had to resort to taking the extreme step of self immolation before the Government relented and set up the Sri Krishna Commission. Let us keep our fingers crossed and hope the mistakes of history are not repeated again, and the all party meet, ends all speculation and comes up with a concrete plan of action.

The way forward as we see it, is a five point action plan for the Government to embrace. First, set in motion the process of creating Telangana with Hyderabad as its capital. Two, let the Rayalseema and Andhra regions decide whether they want to be together or have separate states and if they prefer to separate trifurcate AP into Telangana, Andhra and Rayalseema. Thirdly, announce a development package for Telangana which has been grossly neglected and for the other state/s to develop a capital in either Vijaywada/Vishakapatnam/Tirupati as they see fit. Fourthly, set up a bifurcation/trifurcation committee to work out the modalities of repatriation of employees working in the Government sector to their respective regions, and for the sharing of river waters and other disputes arising out of the division. Fifthly, set up a transition Government comprising of equal representation from all three regions to ensure a fair and peaceful division and birth of new states.

Though this may be unpalatable to a few vested interests, it is the only solution that can bring about satisfaction, happiness and prosperity for all concerned. Hope, this time the sense of Justice and fair play pervades over greed and covetousness. And the people of Telangana finally get the due rewards which have been denied to them for the last six decades of India’s independence.

by Neera Kishore

The final betrayal

January 3, 2011

The stand of the Telangana Praja Samiti, on the Sri Krishna Commission has been vindicated. We have always maintained the Sri Krishna Commission was a bogus commission set by the Congress Government at the center to buy time for once again burying the demand for Telangana in the tomes of commission’s findings. But, we like the others in Telangana were hoping that this time round there will be no betrayals and justice will finally be ours. But, Alas it is not to be the actions of the Government at the Center and the State belie these hopes, all preparations are in place to deal with any voice or protest against the Sri Krishna Commissions findings.

The Government at the center and the Seemandhra protagonists have failed to read the grit and determination of the people of Telangana to free their state from the Seemandhra hegemony. The statement of the Home Minister Mr. P.Chidambaram, in calling for an all party meet on January 6, 2011 to deliberate the recommendations of the Sri Krishna commission, has to be the red flag for us the people of Telangana to beware of the final betrayal. For every one knows this is the last chance we will have to ensure justice and self respect for our coming generations, if we fail now they are cursed to a life as second class citizens and confined to the lower dregs of society for eternity . What was the need of inviting all political parties to present the findings, if the Central Government was sincere in fulfilling its promise for a separate state, it would have made the report public and set the process for introducing the bill for Telangana formation in the budget session of Parliament. And the reaction of the political parties to this diversionary tactic is pathetic, instead of refusing to attend the meeting on the grounds that all that was to be said and discussed was said and presented to the Sri Krishna Commission in the last one year, they are busy arguing on whether each party should send one representative or two.

The presence of the para military forces in the twin cities even if they are to be restricted to the barracks and head quarters as promised by Chidambaram are true is a sure sign of the force we will need to reckon with if we raise our voice against this delaying tactic of the Government. More ominous is the review of the preparations by the Andhra front man Kiran Kumar Reddy, his march through the twin cities was akin to a Generals review of his troops before the assault. And we need to be prepared for a hail of bullets, lathi’s and water canons if we so much as try to resist the forcible occupation of our state by the Seemandhra settlers.

The demand for a separate state is a people’s movement and not a political issue that can be traded off in closed door meetings. It is a cry for justice and self determination as enshrined in the constitution of India. It is high time the Government at the Center and the State realized this.

We the people of Telangana have determined that our future generations will not have to fight another time for justice, we have promised ourselves that there will no longer be other Yadiah’s, Venugopal Reddy’s, Bhooma Reddy’s and Suvarna’s who will be forced to take their life in dejection. We have to decide if we are ready to face the might of the Seemandhra lobby one last time. For no matter what nefarious stratagem may have been devised by the Government at the Center, State and the Seemaandhra lobby to deepfreeze the demand for Telangana, they will lose once we take our struggle to the streets.

Jai Telangana. Jai Hind

Read my lips, Justice for all promises Chidambaram

December 31, 2010

The Home Minister, P. Chidambaram, in his statement after accepting the Sri Krishna Commission Report on December 30, 20101 on the future of Telangana, stated the Central Government will work towards arriving at a solution that will bring satisfaction, happiness and prosperity to all. Reading between the lines, the Home Minster has in principle accepted the demand for Telangana. For it is a fact that only in their own state will the 4.5 crore people of Telangana be satisfied, happy and hope for prosperity. But, hold your breath and wait before distributing the sweets. Chidambaram has also used the word all, and we know all includes the powerful Seemandhra lobby which has been at the fore front of opposing the formation of Telangana State. It justly fears the declaration of Telangana with Hyderabad as the Capital, will bring to light the systematic pillage and plunder of the region. And will try its level best to maintain the status quo.

We will have to wait and see what maneuvers the Central Government will try to pull off, to keep everyone satisfied and happy, the people of Telangana and the Seemandhra lobby of moneybags. There are several options the Government can come up with to maintain the status quo. Option one, declare Telangana as a back region and have a separate ministry headed by a Dy. Chief Minister from Telangana to oversee its development. And to appease the demand for justice and fair representation announce reservation for Telangana people in the Government sector and education institutions. And allot a dole for the development of the region. Though this will satisfy the Seemandhra lobby it will have no takers in Telangana.

The Second option, the Government may propose if forced to, will be to create Telangana state and declare Hyderabad as the Jt. Capital or Union Territory. And to make the deal palatable for the people of the erst while Hyderabad state now being called Telangana, it may also provide a balm in the form of a grant to develop Warangal as the Capital of Telangana. This will still be acceptable to the Seemandhra lobby as it is the soul of Telangana, Hyderabad the lobby is after. And to sweeten the pain of amputation, the opponents to this will be plied with the honey provided by the Seemandhra moneybags.

Option three, which the Government may favour, will be to place in the public domain the findings of the Sri Krishna Commission and ask for the comments and suggestions of all concerned parties including the NRI associations and give them a timeframe of ninety days to send in their suggestions and comments. After which the Government may ask for a further six months time to study the commissions report and collate the suggestion and comments of the people. It will set up another committee comprised of the eight political parties to combine the Sri Krishna reports findings with the suggestions elicited from the people, and prepare a plan of action. A perfect strategy to keep the issue open, satisfy all parties the Seemandhra lobby for maintaining the status quo, the Telangana people for setting in process the formation of the state. And if in the meantime the people of Telangana weary of fighting for their basic human rights alls well. A perfect way to silence the voice of 4.5 crore Indians.

This is what we the people of Telangana have to prevent. We have seen what happened exactly a year before on January 5, 2010 at the all party meet called by Chidambaram, to discuss the issue to statehood for Telangana. The central Government effectively silenced the political class, by plying it with the moolah generously provided by the Seemandhra money bags. This was confirmed by quiet a few congress leaders and the leader of MIM in private. No, matter what takes place behind the closed doors on January 6, 2011.The future of Telangana and Hyderabad will have to decided by us, the citizens of India and the sons and daughters of Telangana. Telangana is Hyderabad and Hyderabad is Telangana and it cannot be delayed any longer.

Jai Telangana. Jai Hind

Telangana get ready for the first Battle for Self Determination

June 2, 2010

We have been saying for sometime now “The time for discussions, committees and commissions is over, what we need now is direct action”. So sons and daughters of Telangana get ready for the first of the many battles we will have to wage and win if our long cherished desire for self respect and self determination is to be achieved. The days of presentations and representations to sundry committees and commissions is over, for long we have relied on them to aid us in enjoying the basic of basic human rights, the right to livelihood, the right to water, the right to education, we have to start fighting for this today, tomorrow and everyday till Telangana is formed.

The first battle of Telangana has to be fought for our rightful share in the portals of higher learning. And what better place to fire our first salvo than the admission to PG courses in our Universities. Entrance examinations for 52 post-graduate courses offered by the Osmania University in Hyderabad, Telangana University in Nizamabad, Mahatma Gandhi University in Nalgonda and Palamuru University in Mahabunagar are scheduled to be held from June 14 to June 24 for nearly 15,000 seats across all disciplines. And we need to see that 80% of these seats are awarded to Telangana students.

For the last many years, the lion’s share of these seats has been allotted to students from Seemandhra region under the garb of open competitive examinations. Needless to say students from these regions are able to get better grades because they come from agriculturally affluent families, have had access to better educational facilities. While the students from Telangana, who for the most part are the first generation in their social strata to try to enter the Universities. It is a sociological truth that the differences in the social status read affluence has a direct impact on educational excellence. So going by this logic, even if competitive examinations are conducted for these seats in Telangana, the system is skewed in favor of these settlers, and will only create avenues for higher learning and earning for them while systematically denying our youth avenues for advancement. The disparity in the grades is so high that even for seats in the reserved categories, students from Seemandhra score above their Telangana counterparts.

We need to be aware of these dynamics and ensure the future generations of Telangana are not discriminated by the system, in the guise of competition. We need to ensure that admissions to these Telangana Universities are conducted as they would be in our separate state, and the students from Telangana are awarded 80% of the seats. This practice is prevalent in all states where the sons of the soil get a majority share of the seats and the remaining are awarded to students from other states. There is no earthly reason why Telangana cannot have the same system.

We will go the right way on this, present a petition to the Director, Directorate of Admissions, and the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor of these and other Universities and Professional institutes in Telangana. However, at the ground level it has to be enforced by constant and unrelenting vigilance. Our professors and administrative staff in these institutes need to aware of and highlight to us Telangana people, if our students are denied seats because they have been gifted to the Seemandhra sons and daughters. And to take it back from them, using force if we have to. For long we have waited with open palms for our basic rights, we now need to be prepared to take it by force if we are pushed.

It is only when these Seemandhra’s realize that Telangana is no longer the land of I came, I saw and I conquered, which you can plunder at will. It is only when we evolve from being passive pawns to a highly awakened and defiant self that does shy from protecting its resources whether it is academic, employment, political and natural that Telangana will become a reality.

Jai Telangana. Jai Hind


Telangana Inter student deliberately failed by Seemandhra evaluator

June 1, 2010

First they took our jobs, then they took our lands, then they took our seats in institutes of higher learning, then they took away our waters making our lands barren, and finally having brought us to the brink of human extinction they have the malice to kill even hope for a better future from the lives of our innocent children. Not content with driving our youth to suicide in desperation and shooting rubber pellets and water canons, at us like rabid animals the Seemandhra’s guillotine has trained its sight on snuffing out the future of our just out of school students. A startling though not surprising fact was brought to light the other day, when an intermediate 2nd year student from Warangal, who was awarded a mighty zero in economics scored a distinguished 75. marks out of 100 in the same subject when he applied for revaluation of the answer sheet. And guess who the evaluator was, a lecturer from a private college in Kadapa. Strange is the explanation given by the lecturer for awarding zero marks, he says he did so “as he could not understand the answers written in English”. We knew this would happen but were hoping against hope that these malevolent forces would not stoop as low as this. The Telangana lobby had alerted both the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, on the evaluators from Seemandhra unleashing their hatred for Telangana and deliberately failing our students. But as always our pleas went unheeded, it is indeed God’s benevolence, that this lad had the courage and self confidence to approach the Board of Intermediate Education for reevaluation, he could have fallen prey to dejection as scores of other students do. This is just one instance that has come to light, there may be thousands of cases like this, where students from Telangana have been deliberately failed in retaliation to our struggle for a separate state. Killing the future of a student even before it takes off, is a heinous crime comparable to rape, the damage done to the future prospects of the student, the loss of morale and confidence in self can never be repaired. These butchers of our children’s future are worse then Ajmal Kasab the Pakistani terrorist who carried out the 26/11 attack in Mumbai. He has only taken lives, while these psychological terrorists have tried to maim and kill hope of our future generation, the worse of worst crimes. If we the people of Telangana, are to have faith in the system then the only solution is to have the answer papers of all SSC and Intermediate students from Telangana reevaluated by an independent authority better still have them corrected by lecturers from other states. This may be involve costs and delay the admission to colleges, so what! These are of no consequence where the future of even one student unjustly failed is concerned. It is up to the Government and the Education Department to see to it that justice is done to our students and they are not made to suffer because we demand our right to self determination and self respect. Jai Telangana. Jai Hind Read more at

The Last and Final Battle for Telangana has to be fought by its Children

May 30, 2010

The last and final battle for Telangana has to be fought by its sons and daughters, this is clear from the outcome of the last few days parleys and maneuvers of the political parties in the center and the state. The Congress’s response to the Telangana crisis last week, was characteristic of its instinct for self preservation, leaving aside the issue of unprovoked firing it went ahead with fortifying its power base. Fearing a division within its ranks from YSR loyalists, in the remote event of the party taking any punitive action against Jagan for fomenting trouble in Telangana, it went ahead and forged ties with Chiranjeevi’s Praja Rajyam. Ostensibly the meeting between Chiranjeevi and the Congress High Command was to avoid any contest for the Rajya Sabha seats for which the biennial elections are due. The piece de resistance on the menu of these discussions, which even a 10 year old will tell you was a probable alliance between the two.

It is time we realized that for the congress, retaining power is the first and last priority. Even if the High Command is in favor of a separate state, the advice of the Seemandhra funded coterie of advisors will prevail. It is a tragedy that none of the Telangana protogonists in the Congress have the confidence of the High Command or the influence in the Congress politburo to have their voice heard. This was evidenced by the silent snub they received from the Congress headquarters when their pleas to stop Jagan’s mrityu yatra went unheeded. Sadly, none of these congress politicians have the nerve to leave the party and their hollow positions in the party and state ministries and come and stand by our side. The most they can do is make ineffectual and vain visits to Delhi and cool their heels while waiting for Madam and her coterie to meet and listen to them. 

And what of the self styled leader of Telangana, KCR he seems to have met his target for the year and is now strategizing for the coming one. There is a loud silence emanating from the TRS offices, Jayashankar is hardly to be seen and KCR is busy mending bridges with his Andhra counterparts in Vijaywada. Surprisingly, the TRS has shown monumental lethargy in driving the Telangana struggle, since KCR’s meeting with Chidambram at the All Party meet in Delhi on January 12, 2010. We can only surmise that the fire and false bravado of the TRS leader has been doused by Chidambaram’s persuasion and pots of honey.

What of the BJP, TDP and MIM. BJP and TDP are joined at the hip, and there is a history of BJP openly opposing Telangana state. We have yet to hear any of their National leaders comment on the issue, except for Swaraj’s plea to the students not to commit suicide. The MIM is the joker in the pack, and will bend wherever the Owaisi sons see the bread is buttered.

This leaves the future of Telangana, where it has always been in the hands of its sons and daughers who have neither the money of the Seemandhra lobby nor the positions of power but what we have is the will and determination of 3.5 crore Indians. For the last 50 years we have waited for the political class to show us the way and they have all betrayed us for petty profilts. Now, the time has come for direct and individual action on all fronts, starting with admission to our colleges, reclaiming our right to livelihood and retrieving the lands of our ancestors that have been granted left right and center by successive Seemandhra Governments to their cohorts in the land mafia. This is not easy and will call for sacrifices, but we have to decide between falling prey to the bullets of Konda Sureka and the likes of her or immolating ourselves in desperation like Yadiah and others, or we pledge to take our fight to the doorsteps of the Seemandhras. If we decide on the later there are two courses of action open to us, either we take the easy way and submit petitions and presentations to one committee after another or we take the Mahatma’s road paved with bullets and lathis but which will ultimately lead to ultimate victory. The choice is ours, let God give us the courage to do all that is necessary to liberate Telangana.

Jai Telangana. Jai Hind


Girish Kumar in Denial Mode Refuses to Acknowledge Murder of Praful Raju

May 29, 2010

Girish Kumar, the DGP of Andhra has gone on record denying the death of Praful Raju, who was shot through the head by the henchmen of Konda Sureka. This is one of the many instances of Girish Kumar’s white lies, he has been wont to utter where Telangana is concerned. Earlier in the year he made a ridiculous statement on the Maoists having advantage in Telangana, when he stated, “It would be difficult for police to contain Maoist activities in relatively smaller states”.  Whereas Telangana with an area of 114,800 acres will be the 13th largest state in India by area and the 12th largest state demographically with a population of 3.5 crores.

And today, when the entire media reports the death of Praful Raju, at the hands of Konda Surekha’s musclemen, he has the audacity to refute it as a rumor. And what of the traitors of Telangana the murderous trio of Konda Surekha, her husband Konda Murali and Malothu Kavitha, who abetted the murder of Praful and led the carnage at Mahabubabad. They have been let off scot free along with their leader, the carrier of death Jaganmohan Reddy. The only response from the State Government and the Center has come from Pranab Mukerjee, the Finance Minister, when he stated, “The Congress High Command will take appropriate decision against Kapada MP Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy for violating party suggestion by taking the Odarpu yatra in Warangal”. Mark the words, the honorable Minister does not say ‘against the wishes of the High Command’ but ‘violating party suggestion’ which translates to Sonia never having asked Jagan to call off his Mrityu Yatra in Telangana. One word from her and he would have run 100 mph in reverse gear. It is akin to giving consent by silence. And the loss of a budding human life has no meaning for Mr.Mukherjee, the crime Jagan is guilty of is violating party suggestion.  

Konda Surekha had already felt the ire and angst of the people of Telangana, when she went around paying blood money amounting to a grand sum of Rs. 25,000 to the families of Telangana martyrs, as a peace balm to allow this mrityu yatra to pass off successfully. Needless, to say She was humiliated and her offer thrown in her face when, Jayamma, mother of deceased Raj Kumar of Narasampet town refused to take money stating that her son did not die for money. And again at Duggondi village, when the parents of Prithviraj locked their house leaving a note urging Ms. Surekha not to value the sacrifice in terms of money. Not having learnt from this, she had the effrontery to lead the welcome committee for Jagan, the carrier of death of Telangana people.

The events of the last two days have shown us, that we the people of Telangana can expect no justice leave alone humane consideration in this Government of the Seemandhra lobby and Government for the Seemandhra lobby. It is a sad day for the nation, when we the people of Telangana have to go to the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) each and every time we want to claim our basic human rights, whether it is the right to a decent funeral or the right to speech and liberty. Now we will also need to go the SHRC to have the murder of our sons at the hands of these Seemandhra’s acknowledged. It is time for us to call off our self imposed restraint and respond to the war cry raised by Jagan and his henchmen.  

Jai Telangana. Jai Hind


Praful Raju Falls Prey to Jagan’s Mrityu Yatra

May 28, 2010

Once again, bullets rained down on hapless Telangana youth killing one and seriously injuring several others as they protested in peace against the so called consolation (Odarpu) yatra of YSR’s Son, Jaganmohan Reddy in Warangal. For us the people of Telangana it is not Odarpu Yarta, but a Mrityu Yatra, that has taken away the life of our son. Praful Raju, a tender 20 year old with the future before him was shot through the head by the gunmen of former Congress Minister Konda Surekha. As if this was not enough the police force present at the place, instead of confesticating and arresting the gunman fired rubber pellets at the protestors even as the gunmen of the others congress leaders went on a firing spree with their pistols. The Telangana people have been requesting the State Government and the Leadership at the Center to stop this Mrityu Yatra of Jaganmohan’s. And it has as usual been deaf to our pleas and protests. Both the Government at the Center and the State are morally culpable for the murder of Praful. The shot may have been fired by the gunman but it is you Madam Sonia and you Mr.Chidambaram, and you Mr. Rosiah and you Mr. ESL, who have forced the trigger by allowing this yatra of death to go ahead inspite of indications from all sources that it may lead to this. Soniaji, a word from you to Jaganmohan and Praful would be alive now. We have been crying ourselves hoarse, asking you and your Government to stop this humiliation of our people and our aspirations. What was Jagan coming to console us for, the 50 years of suppression and oppression we have suffered at the hands of his ilk. Our people had met with and explained our objection and reasoning for stopping Jagan’s Mrityu Yatra, to Mr. Ahmed Patel, your Secretary did he not inform you of this. It is a shame that the same administration which prevented the funeral processions of Telangana martyrs watched mutely as Jaganmohan, the harbringer of Death and mayhem went ahead with his Mrityu Yatra to sprinkle salt on the festering sores of Telangana. Mr.Chidambaram, did not your intelligence agencies apprise you of the volatile situation in Telangana, or were you taken in by the whisperings of the Seemandhra money bags on the demand for Telangana having tapered down. We have voluntarily reined in our movement so that the Sri Krishna Committee can complete its report, knowing full well that it is a bogus committee and has been set up just to buy time foryou and your seemandhra moneybags. ESL, the Governor of Andhra, we have no angst or complaint against you. You have once again demonstrated your loyalty to the Seemandhra lobby which has placed you in the Rajbhawan, by seeing nothing untoward, by hearing no intelligence reports on the ground situation and saying nothing to the State Machinery on stopping this Mrityu Yatra. You have shown splendid inaction in responding to this crisis in Telangana which is at odds with your overly dominant involvement in suppressing the voice of Telangana, earlier in the year. Mr. Rosiah, you have failed the people of Telangana once again. Why was Jagan the carrier of Death not stopped in Hyderabad itself? Why did you and your administration wait till one of our sons was murdered in cold blood before taking any action? The only logical explanation for allowing this Mrityu Yatra to proceed so far was that it was a Nazi experiment to test if the passion of the Telangana people for their state has cooled down. If so, I hope the results have demonstrated to one and all the powers at the Center and the Seemandhra lobby that this time round, there is just one outcome the state of Telangana with Hyderabad as its capital and its 10 districts intact. Jai Telangana. Jai Hind Read more at

State Administration Sowing the Seeds of Extremism in Hyderabad State

April 14, 2010

The Andhra Government under the directions of the Raj Bhawan in Hyderabad, appears to be hell bent on sowing the seeds for the next generation of  extremist leaders in the country. The brutality unleashed by the Andhra Administration, to crush the democratic demand for the state of Telangana nee Hyderabad, was either the response of a frightened lobby to protect its ill gotten wealth or a well planned strategy to push the youth of Hyderabad into the arms of the extremists. The words and actions of the State and the Leadership at the center point to the latter, as it will then justify the Government’s lie of naxal and maoist influence in the demand for a separate state.

Stories of the police brutality are slowly emerging from the student community in Osmania University, the nerve center of the Telangana agitation. Speaking to a panel of jury members conducting a public hearing into police violence in Osmania University, students narrated the trauma of being at the receiving end of the Seemandhra sponsored police atrocities. One of the victims a girl pursuing her masters described she and her group of her friends all girls were stoned by the security forces within the University campus, and how the stoning continued even after they displayed their identity cards. Another girl student, recounted the horror of being molested and mercilessly lathicharged when she along with her friends went to the aid of their fellow students in other hostels who were being manhandled by the police. The students were first mercilessly beaten and then arrested under false cases, all for exercising their democratic right, in asking for self determination and self expression.

If the girl students were molested and lathi charged, the story of the treatment meted out to the boy’s is hair raising, students who were active in the movement were identified and individually targeted in their home towns and villages. One student recalled how he was forcibly pulled out of a barber shop and arrested. While another recounted, how he was accosted by a dozen policemen on bikes and produced before a magistrate in the early hours of the morning. The most horrendous case is that of Andalamma, her son was pulverized by 20 policemen who stormed into their house in the wee hours, he is still in hospital after two months!

Each and every instance of police atrocity has laid bare the Andhra Government’s heinous intention to destroy the spirit of an entire generation, most of whom are first generation learners in their family, and had entered the portals of  the University, with the ideal of changing the system and their lives. Contrast this with the state’s response to the week long communal flare-up in the twin cities last month, a handful of arrests that too of minor minions. The same police force which shot rubber bullets at hapless students watched as mute spectators while the miscreants went on a rampage burning and pillaging. AK Khan, the DG of police, who led the ruthless carnage against the hapless students, was photographed playing cricket in front of the Charminar, just to show all was peaceful, while the city was erupting in flames. It is a blackday for the Nation, when democratic protests have to face the wrath and carnage of its might while anti social elements flourish and prosper under the state’s patronage.

The Government, seems to be hell bent on fulfilling its prophesy of Naxal and Maoist infiltration on the Telangana struggle, only difference is they by their actions are driving the student community into the arms of the extremists. Chidambaram and the Seemandhra protégé Narasimhan, are guilty of attempting to destroy the psychological fiber of an entire generation of Hyderabad, by their heinous acts against the students and the people of Hyderabad, who are demanding their fundamental right to self determination as guaranteed by the constitution of India. It is high time the Government at the center realized that by dancing to the tunes of the Seemandhra contractor and land mafia, it is creating future Dantewada’s in Hyderabad.

The people of Hyderabad are peace loving and we will wrest our state from the clutches of the Seemandhra’s in peace and in line with the provisions of the Indian Constitution and any attempts to detract us from this path should be labeled anti national and dealt with accordingly.

Jai Hyderabad. Jai Hind